5 Questions to Ask Your Athens Roofing Contractor before Hiring

5 Questions to Ask Your Athens Roofing Contractor before Hiring

It is important to do a little digging before hiring an Athens, GA roofing contractor. If a roofing job is poorly done, it can lead to leaks and costly roof repairs, requiring more of your own time and money to be spent. Here are five questions you can ask a roofer before hiring them.

Ask Roof Company for their Physical Address

Ask for the full name and address of the roofing company in Athens. Look for a roofing company with a physical address. A company that does not have one is concerning and you should not hire them.

Does The Roofing Contractor Have Insurance?

In Athens, GA, roofing contractors are required to have two types of insurance to protect the homeowner: workmans’ compensation and liability insurance. If an employee of the company gets injured, workman’s comp protects the homeowner and liability insurance protects you from any damage done by the roofers during the roofing repair or replacement process. Don’t hire a roofing contractor that does not have this insurance as it could but you at risk of financial liability.

Do they Subcontract Roofers?

If the roofing company you are considering uses roofing subcontractors, you should make sure their subcontractors are insured as well. If they are not, consider moving on to another Athens roofer.

Do They offer a Roof Warranty on Workmanship?

Most roofing contractors offer a warranty for their work. A standard roof warranty lasts a year but some roofing companies offer longer warranties. Although manufacturers typically offer warranties to cover the materials used, roofing companies should also offer a warranty to cover the work done. Find out which warranties are offered, what is covered and the duration of any warranties offered.

Do They Have Local Roofing Client References?

Ask if there are any local job sites you can visit in Athens to see the company’s work. Some companies may also have a list of homeowner references you can call. If they do have a list you can make contact with, follow up with the homeowners to find out whether they were satisfied with the work performed by the roofing contractor.

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