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Over the past 25 years, MLW All Phase has worked hard to become the leading roof contractor in Watkinsville, GA. Offering residential and commercial roofing, we are committed to staying within your budget while delivering services on time. Furthermore, although we offer fair pricing, our quality remains unmatched.

Roofing Services offered in Watkinsville, GA


  • We are known for our workmanship and attention to detail.
  • We provide complete services to all of our customers.
  • We ca handle insurance company claims and file necessary paperwork for you.
  • We are fully licensed and insured.
  • We have been given credentials for our competency by major roofing equipment manufacturers in the country.

Things to do in Watkinsville, GA

Watkinsville, Georgia, is known as the Artland of Georgia because this city has more artists than any other city in the state, per capita. With all these art galleries, artists, events and museums you will be amazed by the creativity pouring out of this city. You can take a ride around and visit some unique shopping galleries, viewing exhibits, touring studios, witnessing demonstrations, and even create some art yourself!

Art isn’t the only thing special about this city, they also have great history too. Take a drive through Elder Mill Covered Bridge, which is not only a beautiful covered bridge, but is one of the few functional ones in Georgia. There is also the Eagle Tavern Museum which was built back in 1801. This tavern is one of the earliest structures that is still upright in Oconee County and was used as a “stagecoach stop”, or a tavern and hotel in olden days lingo. It was also a gathering place in the early 1800’s. Going on a tour through here will take you time traveling to see how life was like back then.

If you’re hungry after all those sites stop in for some great food at Chops & Hops. They have a great selection of fine steaks and burgers along with a vegetarian menu.

Transformative Kitchen Remodeling in Watkinsville GA by MLW All Phase

MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing, based in Athens GA, proudly serves various cities with everything from new roof installation to kitchen remodeling, including Danielsville, Jefferson, Royston, Watkinsville, and more. In operation since 1995, we offer superior workmanship and fair prices on all our residential and roofing, construction, and remodeling projects.

Our latest project focused on kitchen remodeling for a client in Watkinsville, GA. The client wanted to transform their dark, cramped kitchen into an open concept, aligning with the popular trend in home designs. Open kitchens eliminate barriers, creating a more spacious and seamless flow between areas.

Kitchen Remodeling Revitalizes Watkinsville Home

Prior to this transformative project, MLW All Phase ensured a personalized touch with a homeowner consultation. We believe in understanding our client’s dreams and aspirations for their new interior, so we collaborate closely with homeowners, discussing design preferences and incorporating individual style elements.

With the homeowner’s vision in mind, the kitchen remodeling process unfolded seamlessly. Beginning with the demolition of their outdated cabinets and the removal of a wall to create the open space, our team paved the way for a remarkable kitchen metamorphosis. Next, we gave the work site a thorough cleaning, setting the stage for new flooring, counters, and a vibrant coat of paint.

A highlight of this project is a chic kitchen counter island, which not only enhances functionality but also delivers a fresh and contemporary aesthetic. It’s these meticulous details and client-focused consultations that set MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing apart, ensuring every kitchen remodeling project reflects the unique dreams and desires of the homeowners we proudly serve.

This client is ready to cook holiday meals while interacting with her kids at the same time.  MLW made the process very easy.  Such positive feedback reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction and efficient project execution.

kitchen remodeling interior construction

Trust MLW All Phase for your next construction or remodeling project!

For property owners in Watkinsville, GA, seeking kitchen remodeling services, MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing offers a winning combination of experience, high-grade materials, and attention to detail. Our team ensures fair prices and flexibility, even accommodating Saturday schedules for your convenience.

Consider the benefits of an open-concept kitchen that provides the illusion of a larger space and a seamless connection between kitchen and home. Enhance your property with our reliable services, tailored to your needs.

Contact MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing for a transformation that goes beyond aesthetics – it’s about creating spaces that truly enhance your living experience.

The Importance of Installing Insulation Under Metal Roof Systems

Metal roofing is popular in warm climates and you’ll find that without proper ventilation and insulation, the heat can make your home feel uncomfortable during the long summers here in Athens-Clarke County. However, there are different ways of insulating your home from radiant heat while also making you and your inhabitants comfortable throughout the whole day and night. This is best addressed during the installation of your new roof but can be installed after the fact as well.

Heat insulation has a multitude of different benefits in many situations and conditions. Not only does it make reduce the need for energy consumption, but it also provides more comfort for better living standards. Heal insulation also reduces the requirements for HVAC which stands for Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning since your home will be cooler once you have roof insulation installed. 

Roof insulation against radiant heat and retaining heat

As the name suggests, roof insulation is a great way of removing excess heat while also creating a barrier against heat that might penetrate the interior of the house. The most commonly used roof insulation is in the form of the roof insulation foil which has been known to reduce heat build-up during summertime at 97% while also retaining heat inside the house during much more colder seasons. 

So what are some of the benefits of roof insulation against warm and cold climates?

  • Roof insulation can retain heat during winter by creating a warmer atmosphere inside. 
  • If properly installed, the amount of electricity that’s being expended to keep homes warm and hot is severely reduced which means less energy expenditure. 
  • Once roof insulation is installed in larger buildings, the number of HVAC equipment can be reduced which can help save money and space.
  • One of the main reasons why mold, rot, and mildew form inside dank homes is because of the build-up of moisture and heat. By maintaining good roof insulation, humidity and moisture are reduced to levels that will stop fungi from growing. 

Types of roof insulation

There are two different types of roof insulation why are:

  1. Reflective insulation
  2. Bulk Insulation Material 
    • Blankets
    • Blown-in cellulose
    • Sprayed foam
    • Rigid boards

In most cases, business establishments and buildings bond together both their metal framework and bulk insulation to have a more effective insulation system. When it comes to versatility, the reflective insulation material is a better form of controlling and repelling unwanted heat while also controlling humidity and moisture. 

Roof Insulation Material 

Reflective roofing is comprised of two layers with the outer layer being made out of aluminum foils that will reflect light back outwards and an inner layer which is either made out of foam, bubble sheets, or even fiberglass. This makes reflective roofings perfect for barns roofs. Reflective roofings are ideal for warmer climates since it reflects off 97% of heat while keeping the interior of the house cool and comfortable. 

Types of Bulk Roof Insulation 

  1. Blankets – This is one of the simpler forms of insulation since it incorporates the use of blankets which are made out of wool, fiberglass, and cotton that is layered on the roof. This helps trap heat that might escape while also creating a barrier against penetrating heat as well. 
  2. Rigid Foam – Compared blankets, rigid foams have fewer benefits when it comes to absorbing moisture and humidity. This foam is, however, perfect for close to confined spaces. 
  3. Sprayed Foam –   Sprayed foams have a more industrial function as it is used for metal walls and roofs so that it would be sealed off from humidity and leaking. What makes sprayed foams versatile is that it can control condensation well. The only downside to sprayed foams is that it is a bit harder to install than the previous two and professional supervision is needed when installing the foam. 

Radiant Roof Insulation 

During the peak of summer, penetrative heat outside homes tends to be incredibly high. The best way to protect your home from so much heat is to install reflective roof insulation since the refective foils can easily reflect off excess heat that might become a problem for your home. Moreover, if homeowners also install a reflective blanket right below the attic, it will prove as a second barrier which can significantly reduce energy and electricity costs used for cooling. 

Insulation and metal roofs 

Metal roofing has been around for decades already and is popularly used in commercial buildings and different types of houses. Even though metal roofing is durable while long-lasting, they tend to warp easily under extreme amounts of heat or become too brittle if exposed to lower temperatures, which makes roof insulation perfect against reflecting out heat or retaining a good amount of heat against colder climates. 

All-in-all, there are plenty of different types of insulation that you can choose from but each one is very situational on the type of materials that you are using for your roof. Homeowners have to also keep in mind the shape of their roofs, their architecture, and the climate that is most prevalent in their region.

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