Your Storm Damage Roof Repair Experts

As a coastal state, Georgia has its fair share of storms. Even the occurrence of hurricanes and cyclones are not ‘unheard of’ events in our state. These severe storms and natural disasters can be a harrowing and frightening experience for anyone. MLW ALL PHASE would advise everyone to understand the potential risk and have a preplanned follow-up strategy.

These storms present a serious risk to not just you and your loved ones, but also your assets – like your home. As your layer of defense against the elements of nature, your house can take a serious beating during these storms. It is not just the roof that takes the brunt of the damages, but flooding issues due to the storm can lead to contamination and damage your house’s support beams and structural foundation.


  • Reliable service provider during an emergency
  • Expert dealers of your insurance adjusters
  • Family-owned business working in the local community for more than 25 years
  • Contractors who provide a thorough inspection of every inch of your roof for any sign of damages

Precautions to take before the storm:

The best time to prepare for a storm is before the storm season begins. Before the season begins, ensure that there are no loose items outside your property.

It is very important to keep the drainage system free from any blockages; otherwise, you run a risk of flooding your house. As roof gutters are often ignored, MLW ALL PHASE would like to remind you to check your gutters before the storm season to make sure that they are not choked with granules and other debris.

Ensure that all your vehicles are parked securely and clear of large objects which can potentially fall. Example – trees, hoardings, etc.

Though it might seem a tad overzealous, It Is always advisable to keep in contact with emergency shelter nearby your house.

Things to keep in mind during a storm:

  • If you are inside any form of a secure shelter (could be your house, or your friend’s house, or your office), keep away from windows and stay put. It is best to wait out the storm.
  • Stay informed on any updates about the weather via your phone or T.V (you can use the radio if the power has gone out).
  • In case of an oncoming tornado or hurricane, please evacuate your premises if advised to do so.
  • In case of a thunderstorm find shelter and keep away from good conductors of electricity. Open spaces are not advisable in case of a lightning storm.

After the storm has passed:

  • In case of severe storms in your area keep a lookout for any damages to your house.
  • In case of any serious damages to your property MLW ALL PHASE would advise you to not go inside until a professional contractor deems your property safe. Until that time, it is advisable to go to a secure shelter nearby. In case of such emergency contact MLW ALL PHASE as soon as you can. Our emergency response unit will be at your service as soon as the elements allow.
  • If the damages were not serious enough to warrant evacuating your house during the storm, it is still crucial to inspect your roof for any damages once the storm has passed.
  • MLW ALL PHASE would not advise homeowners to climb their ladder and check their roof, as any small mistake can lead to a serious injury.
  • Check your roof from different spots on the ground to get a better idea of the damages on your roof. Use binoculars to assist if required.
  • Once you have assessed your roof from outside, do so from the inside and note any signs of leakages and damage. It is advised to document any damages by taking a lot of pictures. This will help in getting the right insurance coverage.

Contact MLW ALL PHASE for AN INSPECTION of your roof. This is advised as there might be some subtle damages that you failed to notice.

The fully insured and licensed contractors of MLW ALL PHASE have a long experience of dealing with insurance carriers. We will handle all the paperwork and other technicalities to ensure that you get all the coverage that you require for repairing any damages to your roof. While insurance companies have to usually provide coverage for any damages done during a storm MLW ALL PHASE strongly advises filing the claim promptly as any delays in filing it can lead to ineligibility for coverage and rate increase for your insurance.

BEWARE OF STORM CHASERS – the roofing companies that flood the area once the storm has passed. Dealing with these storm chaser roofing companies almost always leads to disappointment