Metal Roofing Contractor in Athens, GA Replaces Roof for Large Home

Metal Roofing Contractor in Athens, GA Replaces Roof for Large Home

Your home is your biggest investment, so when your roof needs repair or replacement, you need trusted local roofers. The Athens roofing contractor of choice is MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing. We’ve been providing quality construction work since 1995, and we’re still helping area homeowners keep their property in tip-top shape with a new roof.

We recently completed a steel roofing project in the Athens GA area, and we wanted to share the features and benefits of metal roofing that this client appreciated. Our local homeowner has a beautiful large home with a complicated pitched roof design, and our roof experts were happy to tackle the job. 

Before any work started, we did a through roof inspection to understand exactly what our client needed from their roof. A pitched roof, or a roof with a slope, is a great design for areas like Northern Georgia where there is a range of weather conditions that include heavy rains and snows, because a pitched roof allows precipitation to flow safely away from the house. 

We also worked closely with the client to choose a roofing material that would be best for their residential home, both matching the architectural style and remaining in budget, and our Athens area homeowner chose metal roofing. There are tons of benefits to steel roofing, including durability, superior weathering protection, environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, and a vast design choice. 

Our experienced roofing contractors safely removed the existing roof, and then installed the complicated pitched metal roof on the Athens, GA area home in record time. The homeowner was not only pleased with their choice of steel roofing, but with the work of the professional roofers at MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing. If you’re considering a new roof for your North Georgia home, contact us today.