Roof Repair

The best roof repair contractor in Athens, Georgia

MLW All Phase Construction and Roofing is a family owned business working around Athens, GA for the last 25 years. We do work in Athens, Danielsville, Jefferson, Royston, Watkinsville, Winder and the surrounding areas. We are a fully licensed and insured company with the highest rating of A+ for Accredited Business on Better Business Bureau (BBB). We are also GAF Certified Weather Stopper Roofing Contractor and CertainTeed certified ‘SELECT ShingleMaster’. We are also members of National Roofing Contractors Association. This means that our contractors have an additional round of training and certifications to ensure that you get the best possible experience for roof repairs and replacement. If you have been thinking of getting your roof inspected, think of us. MLW All Phase is renowned for its prompt service.

Our team will come to give AN INSPECTION of your home. Do not worry, there are no obligations attached to this inspection. We will let you know whether your roof is in need of repairs or not. In case we find any damages, our team will give you an estimate of the cost required for repairs.

The insurance coverage of the homeowner usually cover any repairs for functional damages in your roof. Functional damages are those damages that shorten the service life of your roof. Our team is experienced in dealing with insurance carriers and will ensure that you get every penny required for your repairs. Just ask our customers Gayle and Roy Morris who were in for quite a surprise when we not only got them the required insurance coverage for their work but ended up doing more work than either of them expected. So, rest assured, you will be in good and competent hands. Contact MLW All Phase Construction and Roofing for any minor or major damages. No work is too small or too large for us.

It is important to know some common causes for roof damage so that homeowners can take necessary steps to identify and prevent any further damages. We have listed the most common causes of roof damages that we have come across in the last 25 years:

  • Aging: Aging is the most common cause of damage in a well-installed roof. Any roof, no matter how sturdy it is will begin to show signs of wear and tears as the years pass on. Continued exposure to UV radiation, fluctuating temperatures, rain, wind and hail takes a heavy toll on your roof. After years of service, you will start noticing the loss of granules, cracked shingles, and other signs of aging in your roof. Contact MLW All Phase as soon as you see any signs of damage as any ignored damage can lead to a much higher cost of roof replacement.
  • Moisture Damage: Damage caused due to moisture is a common problem in the state of Georgia. Roof decks contract and expand due to absorption when exposed to moisture. This makes moisture problems like buckling, curling and wood rot a common sight on the damaged roofs of Georgia.
  • Poor Maintenance: While all roofs age, if you do not maintain your roof, you fast forward the aging process. Any fallen branches or waste on your roof must be cleaned off. Any growth of algae and moss must be addressed and removed in the beginning phases. It is also important to make sure that all the gutters are clean to ensure a free flow of water and waste from your roof.
  • Improper ventilation: Improper ventilation can be a cause of various problems. While it can lead to problems like ice damming and an increased utility bill, it also promotes the growth of mold and mildew which is a serious concern of health for the family living in that house. Especially in case of children, visible mold and its odor are known to promote the development of asthma and other breathing problems.
  • Damaged or loose flashing: If not properly installed, exposed flashing are damaged very fast under the onslaught of UV radiation from the sun. The moisture in the air also helps in corroding your flashings. These damaged flashing result in roof leakages.