Roof replacement in Athens, GA

Roof replacement in Athens, GA

As the “go-to” residential roofing contractor in Athens GA, MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing was pleased to complete another successful roof replacement for a happy homeowner in Athens, GA.

We were in the neighborhood, roofing a home for another homeowner so he decided to ask us to stop by for an estimate. He knew his roof was old and needed replacing. It was the original roof on his house and was nearing 30 years old. We walked over to his property right away to take a look.

After inspecting his roof, we determined that he had apparent wind damage. We advised him that he file an insurance claim to help offset his out of pocket costs for a new roof. He was initially denied full replacement by his insurance company (even though he never filed any claims previously). We sent our inspection assessment in with supporting photographs and documented weather reports that detailed recent storms and got his claim approved for him! His new roof was entirely paid for by insurance, less his deductible!

The client gave us some excellent feedback, stating that from our initial hello until the day he handed us his check at a safe distance, the experience was a positive and valuable one. He said that Ken Colley and the entire crew who worked on his house were great to work with and he is loving his new roof! Thank you, Alan from Athens, GA!

After we replaced the asphalt shingle roof