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Replaced an Old Roof with Architectural Shingles near Commerce GA

Since 1995, MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing has been helping Northern Georgia homeowners keep their properties safe with new roofs and outdoor construction services. We were recently referred to a Homer GA homeowner (just north of Commerce GA) that had a roof that was very worn, with faded shingles that were missing nails.

Why are missing nails in shingles a big deal? Roofing nails are meant to secure shingles to the roofing underlayment so that wind doesn’t lift them up, and if the nails have popped out, that leaves a hole in your roof that water can come through. Missing nails in your roof can also lead to broken or missing shingles, which also cause leaks.

The trained roofers from MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing were able to get out to the residential property right away to help this homeowner repair their roof, but the damage had gotten so far that they needed a full roof replacement.. First we removed all the old, worn-out shingles and a layer of roofing material and disposed of it properly to leave the residential property clean. Next, the experienced roofers installed a new roof with Landmark Architectural shingles in the color Colonial slate, as well as all new pipe boots and drip edge to keep the new roof dry for years.

The homeowner was pleased with the work our team did, saying, “The MLW team were quick and responsive on replacing my old roof, the new one looks great!” If your residential property needs the services of Homer GA’s trusted roofers, MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing, contact us right away.

Architectural Shingle Roof Replacements on Comer GA Rental Property (near Danielsville GA)

MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing is the trusted roofing company in Georgia because in addition to the best service, we only use the best materials with the longest warranties. We recently helped a rental home owner in Comer GA protect their properties with brand new roofs using Landmark 30 year architectural shingles in black.

Our roofing clients are so happy with our service that they recommend us to their neighbors, and that’s exactly what happened here. After hearing about how MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing helped their neighbor, the Comer GA landlord realized we could help with their rental properties, which had old roofs that were leaking and damaging the units. Once a roof reaches a certain age, leaks are inevitable, and they only get worse over time. This rental property owner was smart to replace the roofs completely to provide another 30 years of protection for their tenants.

The MLW crew got to work quickly to replace the roofs to minimize disruption in the tenants’ lives. First we removed the old shingle roofing down to the underlayer, then replaced damaged decking. Then we installed a waterproof underlayment and then the Landmark 30 year architectural shingles in moire black color to give the rental units a modern look. Finally, we left the properties clean by removing all construction debris.

The property owner was impressed with our customer service and quality roofing! Contact an MLW customer service representative for quality roof repairs or roof replacement in the Comer GA area.

Leaky Roof Repair in Danielsville GA

We were recently called out to Danielsville GA to help a local homeowner with their dormer gable roof, which was leaking and worn. While most homeowners think roof repairs are cheaper, sometimes it’s best to fully remove and replace an older roof. If there’s damage to the roof’s underlayer and multiple problems in different areas, leading to repeated leaks, then replacing the roof really is the most cost-effective roofing solution.

After a thorough roof inspection, we determined that this Danielsville GA brick home needed a roof replacement. After a consultation, the homeowner had picked a cost-effective but durable architectural shingle roof in colonial slate color to match their brick home. The roof had a somewhat complex look, with a peaked main roof with gables and two dormer windows, resulting in various seams and angles for our team to cover, including roof vents.

The trained MLW roofers were up for the task and quickly got to work. First we fully removed the existing work, hauling it away and making sure the property was respected. Next, we installed ice and water shield and a new synthetic underlay to protect the home from moisture. We also installed Landmark Architectural Shingles in colonial gray, then finished the roof with a ridge vent to improve energy efficiency, as well as pipe boots with collars. Finally, we installed a new drip edge to ensure proper water flow.

The customer loved our superior service and were impressed by our fast response to their call. MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing became Danielsville GA’s trusted roofers by always treating our clients with utmost integrity and respect. Contact us today for your a roof inspection.