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MLW Replaces Shingle Roof with a New Metal Roof in Danielsville GA

For decades, MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing has been helping homeowners in North Georgia protect their properties with the best outdoor construction and roof repair and installation services. We’re there for our neighbors because we care, and we love making area homes look brand new!

Recently, a residential property owner in Danielsville GA wanted to renovate their home’s exterior and protect their home with a roof that would offer the best waterproofing for the longest time. Our roof experts convinced the homeowner that a metal roof was their best option for that. Metal roofing, especially standing seam roofing, is a connected sheet of material instead of pieces like shingles, so it helps water flow away from the home. The seams on the panels also direct water and snow toward the ground away from the roof ridge. Metal roofs can also be much more durable, unlike shingles, which can be ripped away by a storm.

To install the Danielsville GA home’s new roof, the MLW crew got to work fast. First our licensed, trained roofers removed the old, rotted shingles and decking, making sure that we kept the property clean. After that, we installed the underlayment for the metal roofing, and then the roof panels. After a final cleanup of the property, we were done.

MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing became Danielsville GA’s best roofing company by this kind of exceptional workmanship backed up by excellent customer service. The homeowner was very pleased with their work and thought their new metal roof made their home look brand new! They said they’d definitely recommend the MLW team to their friends and neighbors.

MLW Team Installs a New Roof Using Certainteed Landmark Shingles in Royston GA

Recently a homeowner in Royston GA called the office about their old roof, which had multiple leaks and missing shingles. They were in in luck because they found the most reputable and knowledgeable local roofers to solve their roof leak problem. The roofing experts at MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing were happy to help this property owner improve and protect their home.

One of the reasons that MLW is the best roofing company in North Georgia is because we listen to our homeowners and work with them to find the best roofing solutions. They had a few missing shingles, so they thought roof repairs would do it. Unfortunately, the missing shingles had led to leaks, which led to rotten roof decking, and the shingles were just the tip of the iceberg. A full roof replacement was the best idea for the home.

MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing was there for the homeowner in picking a new roof. Because of our experience in the area, we know what types of roofing will best protect their Georgia home, and our relationships with reputable suppliers mean we can offer the widest variety of roofing materials with different finishes and looks. The homeowner chose Certainteed Landmark Shingles in the color moire black, some

The MLW crew got to work right away, first removing the old shingle roof and rotten decking, making sure to clean up the property. Then they installed the new beautiful and durable architectural shingles. The Royston GA homeowner loved their new roof, and was impressed with how quickly their roof replacement went!

Brand New Beautiful Standing Seam Metal Roof in Monroe GA

The roofing experts at MLW Construction and Roofing are proud to help our Georgia homeowners protect their homes with new roofing. We recently were able to put a brand new metal standing seam roof on a home in Monroe GA. These kinds of metal roofs have plenty of advantages, including durability, superior water protection, and design options.

The Monroe GA customer had worked with us in the past to do some roofing repairs, but the time had come to completely replace the roof. While repairs can be great for lifted shingles or minor leaks, a roof needs replacement when there are recurring leaks or repairs have been repeatedly performed. We got one of our expert roofing consultants out to the property and performed a thorough inspection.

Then we discussed what kind of new roof the homeowner wanted. Here’s some of the factors that led to him choosing a standing seam metal roof. First, standing-seam roofs are weather-tight because they’re made up of panels that snap together tightly. The 24 gauge steel that we use for our metal roofs is also very durable, able to withstand hail and extreme weather. Finally, metal standing seam roofs have plenty of design options, and the customer was able to find a charcoal gray color that really compliments the bricks on his house.

Our experienced roofers installed the new standing seam metal roof in a complicated hip and valley roof design, and the homeowner was overjoyed with the look of their home. They trusted MLW Construction and Roofing and were rewarded with a beautiful new metal roof that will provide superior protection for decades.

The Importance of Installing Insulation Under Metal Roof Systems

Metal roofing is popular in warm climates and you’ll find that without proper ventilation and insulation, the heat can make your home feel uncomfortable during the long summers here in Athens-Clarke County. However, there are different ways of insulating your home from radiant heat while also making you and your inhabitants comfortable throughout the whole day and night. This is best addressed during the installation of your new roof but can be installed after the fact as well.

Heat insulation has a multitude of different benefits in many situations and conditions. Not only does it make reduce the need for energy consumption, but it also provides more comfort for better living standards. Heal insulation also reduces the requirements for HVAC which stands for Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning since your home will be cooler once you have roof insulation installed. 

Roof insulation against radiant heat and retaining heat

As the name suggests, roof insulation is a great way of removing excess heat while also creating a barrier against heat that might penetrate the interior of the house. The most commonly used roof insulation is in the form of the roof insulation foil which has been known to reduce heat build-up during summertime at 97% while also retaining heat inside the house during much more colder seasons. 

So what are some of the benefits of roof insulation against warm and cold climates?

  • Roof insulation can retain heat during winter by creating a warmer atmosphere inside. 
  • If properly installed, the amount of electricity that’s being expended to keep homes warm and hot is severely reduced which means less energy expenditure. 
  • Once roof insulation is installed in larger buildings, the number of HVAC equipment can be reduced which can help save money and space.
  • One of the main reasons why mold, rot, and mildew form inside dank homes is because of the build-up of moisture and heat. By maintaining good roof insulation, humidity and moisture are reduced to levels that will stop fungi from growing. 

Types of roof insulation

There are two different types of roof insulation why are:

  1. Reflective insulation
  2. Bulk Insulation Material 
    • Blankets
    • Blown-in cellulose
    • Sprayed foam
    • Rigid boards

In most cases, business establishments and buildings bond together both their metal framework and bulk insulation to have a more effective insulation system. When it comes to versatility, the reflective insulation material is a better form of controlling and repelling unwanted heat while also controlling humidity and moisture. 

Roof Insulation Material 

Reflective roofing is comprised of two layers with the outer layer being made out of aluminum foils that will reflect light back outwards and an inner layer which is either made out of foam, bubble sheets, or even fiberglass. This makes reflective roofings perfect for barns roofs. Reflective roofings are ideal for warmer climates since it reflects off 97% of heat while keeping the interior of the house cool and comfortable. 

Types of Bulk Roof Insulation 

  1. Blankets – This is one of the simpler forms of insulation since it incorporates the use of blankets which are made out of wool, fiberglass, and cotton that is layered on the roof. This helps trap heat that might escape while also creating a barrier against penetrating heat as well. 
  2. Rigid Foam – Compared blankets, rigid foams have fewer benefits when it comes to absorbing moisture and humidity. This foam is, however, perfect for close to confined spaces. 
  3. Sprayed Foam –   Sprayed foams have a more industrial function as it is used for metal walls and roofs so that it would be sealed off from humidity and leaking. What makes sprayed foams versatile is that it can control condensation well. The only downside to sprayed foams is that it is a bit harder to install than the previous two and professional supervision is needed when installing the foam. 

Radiant Roof Insulation 

During the peak of summer, penetrative heat outside homes tends to be incredibly high. The best way to protect your home from so much heat is to install reflective roof insulation since the refective foils can easily reflect off excess heat that might become a problem for your home. Moreover, if homeowners also install a reflective blanket right below the attic, it will prove as a second barrier which can significantly reduce energy and electricity costs used for cooling. 

Insulation and metal roofs 

Metal roofing has been around for decades already and is popularly used in commercial buildings and different types of houses. Even though metal roofing is durable while long-lasting, they tend to warp easily under extreme amounts of heat or become too brittle if exposed to lower temperatures, which makes roof insulation perfect against reflecting out heat or retaining a good amount of heat against colder climates. 

All-in-all, there are plenty of different types of insulation that you can choose from but each one is very situational on the type of materials that you are using for your roof. Homeowners have to also keep in mind the shape of their roofs, their architecture, and the climate that is most prevalent in their region.

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