Architectural Shingles

Because they’re made from laminate materials in different shapes, architectural roofing shingles are also called dimensional laminate shingles. This type of roofing shingle has the old world charm of older architectural styles only made from modern materials like fiberglass, mineral particulate, polymers, and asphalt. These materials are layered, or laminated, together and shaped to mimic antique roofing materials like wood shakes, tiles, or slate shingles. Dimensional shingles really complement the look of roof features like gables, turrets, and dormers. Local customers interested in a new roof with architectural shingles need a reputable roofing company like MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing. to make their roofing dreams come true.

Advantages of this laminate shingles

The main advantage of architectural roof shingles is cost effectiveness versus the natural roofing materials they mimic. For a fraction of the cost of hand cut cedar wood shakes, homeowners or commercial property owners can get architectural shingles that look the same and are more durable to boot. The modern laminate roofing materials these shingles are made of provide superior waterproofing, fire resistance, and UV protection. A trusted local roofing company can help their local GA neighbors choose the right kind of roofing shingles for their building, and they can make sure your new roof is installed properly to take advantage of all the benefits of dimensional shingles.

Typical applications of architectural shingles

You can find architectural laminate roof shingles on many different kinds of buildings from commercial properties like shopping centers to local residential homes. Because they have the classic look of older architecture with modern materials, dimensional shingles are a great choice for the many historic homes in the greater Athens, GA area. Commercial property owners who want to get that historic look without blowing up the budget can also get architectural roof shingles, and most styles work best on sloped roofs, which are common on old style residential homes. If you’re a local property owner, contact MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing today to discuss shingle options for a reroof or a new roof installation.