Asphalt Shingle Roofing

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More than three-quarter houses in the USA have asphalt shingles covering their roofs. While originally these shingles were made with the base of organic mat, there has been a great decrease in the popularity of organic shingles since the arrival of fiberglass-based asphalt shingles. These fiberglass mats are made from sand and recycled glass and offer much greater fire and water resistance along with a longer life expectancy in hotter climates. If you live in Georgia, where the sun is beating down on us most of the year-round fiberglass-based roof would mean longer service life and lower maintenance for your roof. The type of roofing material that you select is crucial.

While the traditional asphalt shingles offered a versatile roofing system at a reasonable price it had its limitation. The greatest among them was the fact that that expected service life of these shingles was quite small when compared to other roofing systems like metal roofing and tile roofing. With advances in modern science and technology, shingle manufacturers can now make sturdier shingles with much higher durability and a host of other additional benefits. The modern-day shingles with their breakthrough coating and adhesives can provide you a service life of up to 50 years! That is a long way from the traditional shingle service life of 15-20 years. The big shingle manufacturers like GAF, Certainteed, and Owens not only offer you shingles with extended service life at a reasonable price but also gives you a huge variety of shingles to choose from. And while you can surely get the perfect shingle for your roof due to the variety available in the market, choosing from hundreds of different shingles can be confusing for any homeowner if their roofing contractors are unable to properly guide them through the various selections of shingles. That is why you need experienced roofing contractors like MLW ALL PHASE, who have a thorough knowledge of all the different kinds of shingles present in the market. It would interest you to know that MLW ALL PHASE is not only a certified SELECT ShingleMaster – the highest rating for Residential Roofing contractors by CertainTeed; but are also Certified Weather Stopper Roofing Contractor under GAF, the biggest shingle manufacturer in the world.

Top 4 Benefits of Asphalt Shingles

Algae Resistance Warranty

The usual muggy weather of Georgia acts as an ideal environment for Algae to bloom and spread. The warmer temperature allows the algae to grow faster and thicker. All the best asphalt shingle manufacturers in the USA make Algae Resistant Asphalt shingles that have copper granules mixed along with normal granules on its topmost coating. These AR shingles usually carry around 10 years warranty against any algae discoloration of your roof, but certain manufacturers can provide a limited warranty for as high as 25 years!

Reduced Roof Temperature and lower electricity bill

This modern roofing shingles are a boon for places like Georgia which have relatively high temperatures most of the year. This roofing system is certified by Energy Star, a voluntary program by EPA to certify environmentally friendly consumer products. Unlike traditional shingles that absorb the solar heat and increase the temperature of your roof, these shingles have high reflective properties which can lower the temperature of your roof surface by up to 50F. It has also been observed that certified cool roofs can reduce your air conditioning needs during peak hours by 10-15 percent. This means additional savings due to decreased electricity bills.

Impact resistance can minimize hail damage

While traditional shingles were anything but fragile, a powerful hailstorm usually had a devastating impact on your roof. The oncoming hail not only damaged the layer of granules present on top of shingles but also caused damage to your shingle mat on impact. This led to a significant decrease in the service life of your roof after every hailstorm. Not only hailstorm but other unpredictable things like falling branches can also cause damages to your roof. While no shingle is completely impact proof, the modern impact-resistant shingles can go a long way in minimizing impact damages to your roof.

Fire and Wind Resistance

Most of the shingles in the market today have Class A Fire rating signifying their high resistance to sparks and fire. The modern shingles with their patented adhesives and nailing techniques can also have significantly higher wind resistance. These shingles go through more than 4000 quality checks ensuring that the finished product will withstand even hurricane winds. With patents like Dura Grip and SureNail technology modern asphalt roofs can be resistant to winds speeds up to 130 MPH.

The homeowners should note that getting your roof installed by certified and credentialed contractors like MLW ALL PHASE makes you eligible for extended warranty beyond the general warranty available on the used roofing products. So, call on MLW ALL PHASE CONSTRUCTION & ROOFING to get the highest possible quality of roof, at the lowest possible prices.