TPO Roofing is the best roofing system for Flat Roof

Any roof with a slope of less than 1:12 (1 inch high for every 12 inches across) is considered a flat roof. While flat roof provides the property owner certain flexibility regarding usage of space, most roofing materials fail to prevent leakages and damages from happening on a flat roof. Roofing materials like tiles, metal and asphalt shingles are not advised to be installed on a flat roof without the additional protection of some single-ply membrane or bitumen layer. The main reason behind it is that a flat roof is not good for shedding water and snow. This might lead to a serious concern of water ponding on your roof. Water ponding is a common cause for various problems like leakages, growth of mold, decay, etc.

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Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) offers one of the most affordable and lightweight roofing options for a flat and low sloped roof. While new to the market, it is fast overcoming other single-ply membranes. According to some sources, almost 40 percent of commercial flat roofs are covered under the TPO membrane. When installed correctly with sufficient insulation, a good quality TPO is supposed to have a long life of up to 50 years. It is important to know that service life of 50 years is still speculation as TPO was invented in the 1990s and less than 30 years have passed since its invention. It was manufactured in an attempt to get UV resistance and durability of EPDM while maintaining the superior method of installation of hot welding seams like PVC.  There is a lot of research being done on TPO and the quality of the membrane keeps getting better with passing months. TPO is usually manufactured as 10, 12, and 20 feet wide sheets with membrane thickness ranging from 45 mils to over 100 mils (1 mil is equal to 0.001 inches). Different roofs would require different thickness depending on various factors like expected foot traffic. The modern TPO is manufactured with a mix of polymer reinforced with polyester. The TPO membrane is fully adhered to your roof making a water layer against our roof.

As getting a roof installed can be a big financial decision, it is advised that the interested party knows the pros and cons of the chosen roofing material.

Some of the greatest advantages of installing a TPO roof over your property in Georgia are:

Affordable Roofing

One of the most cost-effective roofing styles, TPO can be installed at a very low upfront cost.

Grease Resistant Roof

TPO Roofs have a high resistance to grease, making it a perfect roofing choice for commercial properties like restaurants and hotels.

Lightweight Roofing Material

TPO Roofing is very lightweight and a square foot of TPO weighs around 0.30 – 0.40 pounds.

Energy Efficiency

While you can find TPO Roofing of various colors, typical TPO is white and has high reflectance properties. This keeps your roof ‘cool’ and helps you make savings on your power bill

Ease of installation

A TPO Membrane can be installed fairly quickly by an experienced contractor like MLW ALL PHASE. They are hot air welded by their seams

Doesn’t promote mold and algae growth

Unlike many roofing systems, the growth of microorganisms like algae and mold are virtually non-existent.

As TPO Roofing was invented recently it is still in the developing phase. This becomes the greatest argument against the usage of TPO. Because of its short life, there is very little research that has been done on it. This also means that its track record of quality performance is not quite as long as some other roofing systems. While advancements are being made in it every day, the quality of TPO can vary greatly from one manufacturer to another. Its laminated top also makes it vulnerable to shrinking and cracking over time.

One of the most important decisions when getting your roof installed with a relatively new roofing material like TPO is getting the right contractor. MLW ALL PHASE is the #1 TPO flat roof installer in and around Athens, GA. Contact us to get special deals for your TPO roof along with any other roof type!