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Metal Roofing in Athens GA

We are not just another company out there to make money; our guiding principle since the beginning of our business was to provide affordable and quality services to our community. MLW ALL PHASE is a family-owned business working in and around Athens for the last 24 years. Mr. Marty Whitehead, our founder started this company with his father back in the late 1990s. Our aim has always been 100 percent customer satisfaction. And it is proof of our success that most of our work is through referrals from old clients.

Whether you have to choose between roofing options for a new structure, or you are thinking of replacing your existing roof, metal is an attractive choice due to its lightweight, long life, and low maintenance. While the perfect choice of roofing material may vary from structure to structure, a metal roof is one of the best roofing options in Georgia. With its high resistance to wind and long service life with minimal maintenance metal roof may be the best fit for Georgia with its high frequency of storms. Before selecting any roofing system, it is advisable to research all the pros and cons of that system in your area. While a competent and helpful can be a great help in your research, we always advise our first-time customers to read up a bit on their own for their peace of mind.

Some of the advantages of getting a metal roof in the state of Georgia are:

Metal Roofing has a Long Service Life

If properly installed, a metal roof can easily last as long as your house. Metal roofing manufacturers usually back their products with warranties ranging from 20-50 years. It is very common for metal roofs to have a service life of longer than 50 years.

Lightweight Roofing Material

When compared to its durability metal roofs have miraculously low weight. While a tile roof can weigh around 750-900 pounds per square (1 square = 100 square feet), most types of metal roofs range from lowly 50-150 pounds per square.

Wind and Fire Resistance

While it is no surprise that the non-combustible property of metal provides a fire-resistant sheath to your house (they typically have the highest fire-resistant rating of Class A), the wind resistance property of metal roofs can surprise some people. When properly installed, metal roofs can withstand wind speed of 110-130 mph. There are known cases of a metal roof even resisting wind speeds of 150 mph (which makes it one of the most wind-resistant roofing options). Unlike asphalt shingles, parts of metal roof can’t come flying off as projectile during storms.

Low Thermal Mass

Due to its low thermal mass (ability to absorb and store heat) and high reflective properties metal roof does not heat the structure beneath it. With proper ventilation, a metal roof can be one of the best forms of a roofing system to reduce your power bill.

Speed of Installation

As the material for metal roof come as panels of 12-36 inches, it can be installed quite quickly by an experienced and competent contractor like MLW ALL PHASE. Sometimes the speed of installation can be a deciding factor.

Resistance to Decay and Mold

Unlike some other roofing systems, a metal roof is quite resistant to decay and growth of mold and algae. A roof cleaning once in a while is all the maintenance you would need to do.

Perfect for Low Pitched Roof

A metal roof is one of the best options for a low pitched roof. They can typically be installed in roofs with a slope of 3:12 (3-inch height for every 12 inches across). Although not common, metal roofs can also be installed on roofs with a slope of 2:12, but special care has to be taken to ensure the thicker layer of underlayment.

Some of the disadvantages of installing a metal roof in Georgia are:

Larger upfront investment

The initial cost of installation is the biggest drawback of this amazing roofing material. But while the upfront cost of a metal roof may be high you end up saving more money than the difference due to its long service life.


While a metal roof is impervious to tears and punctures like other roofing systems, it can form dents on a strong impact like large hailstones. Though it might for dents it still is one of the most impact-resistant roofing system – most of metal roofing products come with highest impact resistant rating of CLASS 4 granted by Underwriters’ Lab (UL)

Contraction and Expansion

Metal tends to contract and expand when exposed to an extreme change in temperature. While this may have made a metal roof less desirable in the state of Georgia with its hot summers and cold winters, most new metal roof material comes with fastening methods that accommodate this movement. You would also need an experienced contractor to ensure that this expansion and contraction of metal has been kept in mind while installing the roof.

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