Presidential Shingles

The Presidential Shake Shingle style is one of the most well known types of luxury roofing shingles available today from your local trusted roofing company. Presidential shingles replicate the antique charm of the old style of hand-split wooden roof shingles known as “shakes” with scalloped edges and asymmetrical shingle spacing. Unlike old style wooden shingles, however, new presidential shake shingles are made from fiberglass, laminate, and other modern roofing materials that offer superior style options, weatherproofing, and fire resistance at a fraction of the cost of old style wooden roof shingles. Your trusted local roofers at MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing can help you choose the right style of Presidential shingles for your property in the Athens-Clarke County GA and its surrounding counties.

Advantages of Presidential Shake Shingles

The main advantage of presidential shingles is that you get the aesthetics of old world craftsmanship with the benefits of modern roofing materials. This type of roofing shingle has a scalloped edge and spacing that looks like old style wooden roof shakes, but they’re made out of fiberglass, asphalt, polymers, and fine substrates. The way that wooden shakes interlock is already designed to shed water and resist storm damage, but the asphalt roofing materials that presidential shingles are made of add extra wind, water, and fire resistance. Athens, GA homeowners get that classic look and superior protection for a fraction of the cost of hand-cut cedar roof shakes.

Typical Applications of Presidential Shingles

Presidential roof shingles are well suited to steep slope roofs, more commonly installed on private homes and smaller buildings. Owners of commercial properties like condos, apartments, or small business parks may also prefer a more residential look and get luxury asphalt shingles in the presidential style for greater curb appeal. With the lower cost of presidential shingles, all local Athens-Clarke County area property owners could raise their property values with a new shingle roof.  With the variety of styles available, these types of shingles can give any building an antique charm and superior protection.