Silicone Coatings

Often used on flat or low slope roofs, silicone roof coatings are specially blended polymers that are applied in one thick coat over existing roofing material that is old, cracked, or damaged. Once the roof coating cures, it becomes an impermeable barrier that keeps out moisture, UV rays, and pests. Roof coatings use modern polymer resins to create a coating that can reflect light and completely seal a variety of roof materials. Many commercial roofing experts like the trusted roofers at MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing recommend roof coating to their commercial clients who want a roof replacement on their building because a silicone coating eliminates a costly roof tear-off.  

Advantages of Silicone Roof Coating Systems

Because silicone roof coatings are liquids, they flow into cracks, seal over blisters, and create a seamless layer of protection against moisture, UV rays, and mold. Once cured, silicone coatings are very durable and last decades. Many silicone roof coatings also level the surface of the flat roof to eliminate dips and hollows where water can collect and grow mold or cause leaks, so a roof coating can save the property owner money in roof maintenance costs over time. Silicone coatings can also be an economical choice for a reroof project, as they can be applied over the existing damaged roof. 

Typical roofing applications of silicone coatings

While silicone roof coatings can be used on sloped roofs, they are most common on flat or low slope roofs. Commercial roofing experts like the experienced roofers at MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing often recommend silicone coatings to revitalize a worn flat roof because the special roof coating will seal over existing cracks, preventing leaks and providing superior protection. This doesn’t mean that silicone coatings aren’t used in residential roofing applications, so private homeowners in the Athens, GA area shouldn’t discount this type of roofing material. Whether you’re a commercial or residential property owner, contact the roofing material experts at MLW All Phase Construction & Roofing to discuss your roofing options.